Chocolate Cupcakes w/ "Tiffany Blue" Icing

All I want for Christmas… No wait… All I want for Valentines is something shiny in a nice box. Let’s try again. Honey, all I want for Valentines is something shiny-perhaps set in platinum that would look nice on my wrist-in a distinctive Teal blue colored box with a white bow. Sigh- That is how descriptive I would have to be to get my point across to my other half without actually coming out and saying it- and well....I...I couldn't just SAY what I wanted because I would want the gift to be something he thought of-you know?. . Anyway, I was watching TV the other day and I saw this “Tiffany Inspired” theme wedding- first I thought why didn’t I think of that. Then I got the idea of how to get my point across with food.  His Favorite- Chocolate Cake with icing-simple enough. Let’s take that a little further and make Chocolate Cupcakes with “Tiffany Blue” Icing.  And well, if that doesn’t do it… it’s ok honey I still think you’re the best man in the world. Smooches!!!

Chocolate Cupcakes w/ "Tiffany Blue" Icing


I used Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake Mix and French Vanilla Icing.


Make cupcakes according to directions on the box

For the icing- I used 6 Blue Drops and 2 Green Drops of food coloring to get the teal blue color.

Can you say SIMPLE....  :) 

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  1. its not the same color but close


Thank you so much for your comments... I read each one with a kool-aid smile..