Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous ladies....

I Love You Mommy..... 

Granny this Mother's Day will be hard without you... but I know you are watching over us all..

The 2 women who taught me how to love, cook, be fabulous... everything...

Thank you for my Mother's Day Breakfast my sweet "angel baby" mommy loves you.. 

After years of being told there would be no you... you came into my life... Love you Charles Nicholas

 Lord, Thank you for these 2 amazing kids.. Thank you for the 2 amazing women that raised me into the woman that I am today...

Sunshine and Sweet Tea


  1. Love this! Your children are so beautiful! Happy Mother's Day

  2. I just came over here from Brianne's blog, and I have to say I like your style (not to mention your food). Also, your daughter appears to be your twin! Happy mother's day :)

  3. Happy belated Mothers' Day! in the UK we celebrate it in March, usually half way through Lent.

    You have such a beautiful family :¬)




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