The Graduate

Hi there lovely people...

I'm still here.. been a little quiet in the kitchen. I know..
There's been an abundance of life events that have kinda gotten in the way of blogging..
One major event was my daughter graduated..
No.. no.. not High School.. I'm not there yet..
5th Grade..

The week prior to the big day was a bevy of exciting events.. which started with a sleepover of 12 girls.. EEK!! and ended with a sleepover of 12 girls.. but this time at someone else's house.
Amongst the parties, sleepovers and ceremony preparations.. I was tasked with the mission of locating a white dress that fit the standards of my indecisive daughter. After visiting 6 stores and trying on "I lost count" amount of dress.. we found one that was quite cute.

Dear lord, please don't let this be a sign of things to come.

When the big day arrived we were ready to go with our perfect little dress, sparkling sandals.. (it took several store visits to find those) and 100 cookies that I had no idea I was signed up to make until the evening before..

Moving on..

The ceremony was a tad bit long.. being that it was for just 5th grade but very cute none the less and ended with a slide show of baby pictures.
Thank You Jesus Moment

Kamaya (my daughter) told me to be sure to get pictures of all her friends..

I did..

On the way home she asked me what I thought of the slide show (that she helped put together) and if I had one at my 5th grade graduation.

I told her the slide show was Outstanding, Wonderful, Simply Amazing...and that Yes..I had a slide show for my graduation.. but due to the film projector and three strip technicolor process it wasn't as clear as hers...

No.. I'm kidding.. I didn't say that..

Anyway, since I've been slightly MIA I thought I would give ya'll a glimpse of what has been taking up my time.. which is almost always centered around my family..

Oh and Charlie was there too... 
"Not sure what's going on.. but it looks important"

I've got some crazy goodness coming your way.. Found a 1941 cookbook I've been playing around with... coming soon!!

That's it for now folks!


  1. What a lovely daughter you have! And your little guy is a cutie! :) Looking forward to the upcoming goodness!


Thank you so much for your comments... I read each one with a kool-aid smile..