Classic Chocolate Pound Cake

About 3 years ago I started collecting vintage cookbooks to feed my hunger of “classic recipes”  .. It’s intriguing.. the difference between cooking in early 1900’s and now. I even have one book from the late 1800’s.. which I just got and was a tad bit expensive but I’m an impulsive shopper and throw all reason out the window when I see something I want. Just ask American Express..  The book is called “The Virginia Housewife” by Mary Randolph,,  it's great if you are cooking outside over an open hearth..  which I don’t.  So I am trying to adapt some of these recipes to modern day 2012 but at times this has me re-thinking this purchase.

Moving on

I’m a sucker for the classics… most of the recipes that are my favorites have been past down through generations..

Like “Mama Katie's” Chocolate Cake.

I really don’t remember Mama Katie well… but what I do remember, were warm and cozy hugs and her telling me the importance of remembering the Apostles Creed.

My first slice of this chocolate cake was sitting in Mama Katie’s kitchen.. it was a rich and dark slice of cake that was baked in a bundt pan and sprinkled with powdered sugar..

Later, after learning the recipe.. I would see that it really was a  basic Chocolate Cake recipe and wasn’t really Mama Katie's but I love it still the same.

Tell me, what’s your favorite classic recipe? 

Classic Chocolate Pound Cake 

You might need these:
recipe adapted from "1973 American Heart Association Cookbook" 

1 cup freshly brewed hot coffee
1/2 cup cocoa powder
3/4 cup light brown sugar
1/2 cup  plain whole milk yogurt
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract 
1 stick of butter, unsalted, room temperature
1 1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs 
1 1/4 cup all purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt

Heat oven to 350. Prepare cake pan (bundt pan) by greasing with cooking spray.

In a medium bowl, add hot coffee and cocoa powder and stir until dissolves. Stir in brown sugar, yogurt and vanilla until all ingredients are incorporated.

In a separate bowl of an electric mixer, beat butter and granulated sugar until light and fluffy, about 2 minutes. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed. Add eggs and mix for another 2 minutes. 

Sift together flour, baking soda and salt in a bowl, then with the mixing on low speed, mix in the flour mixture, then coffee mixture. Mixing until all ingredients are fully incorporated. 

Pour batter into prepared cake pan and bake at 350 for 25 minutes then rotate pan and bake for another 25 minutes. Test cake (using cake tester or toothpick) by inserting in the center of cake and the tester comes out clean. Allow cake to cool, then turn out onto plate. Then sprinkle with powdered sugar.
and ENJOY!!!


Sun Gold Tomato and Chicken Salad

Have you ever tried Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes..?
My daughter calls them yellow grapes…
They have a beautiful golden color similar to sunshine and make just about any dish light up from their brightness.
One of my closest friends is a farmer.. and on his farmer you can find these golden jewels nestled in lushes green plants. There are also heirloom tomatoes and goat named Ellie who is slightly temperamental.
I had some lovely photos of this but me being me.. as in a tad bit all over the place.. hit delete “all” on my camera when I really just wanted to delete the one photo I was looking at. Sigh… y’all pray for me.
With my bundles of Sun Golds some toasted sunflower seeds and a little bit of baby greens, this salad came to life. Shining brightly on a summer day, my side kick and I (my daughter) sat down outside and enjoyed this salad with some fresh squeezed lemonade. Luckily the Atlanta weather was kind to us that day and it was only about 80 degrees rather than the 105 that is has been.

You might need these:

2-3 cups Sun Gold cherry tomatoes
1 cup cooked, chopped chicken (optional )
1 teaspoon fresh chopped oregano

2 tablespoons finely chopped shallots or green onions
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 teaspoons olive oil
Coarse salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste.

Gently toss tomatoes, chicken, oregano, and shallots together. Dress with lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle with your favorite topping (mine are toasted sunflower seeds)

Now all you need is a glass of lemonade and a nice spot to sit in the shade while you enjoy this salad and some sunshine.


Parmesan Peppercorn Biscuits

Are you one of those people obsessed with reusable grocery bags?
Yea… ok good…
What if you get to the store.. park your car only to realize that you have forgotten your bags.. do you turn around and go home and get them?
No.. ok.. I guess I am the only one on that train.. let me make a note to talk to my therapist about that …
I do my best to remember my bags due to my somewhat dependency issues.

Anyway.. once while at the market I was putting down my 4th magazine when I realized I had been standing in line long enough to read 4 magazines on the rack by the checkout line.. I never get that far…
There seemed to be a problem at the front of the line that was holding us other shoppers up.
Leaning over to ask the gentleman in front of me what the issue was.. I was quickly informed that some crazy lady at the front of the line forgot her reusable bags in her car and ran out to get them because she has some strange aversion to plastic.
Huh.. well .. yea.. that’s crazy…. who does that…
I quietly went back to my checkout reading.. time seem to tick away until finally the lady came running back in saying how sorry she was she took so long..
“They weren’t in my car so I had to run home and get them”
Standing there I wasn’t quite sure what was the strangest thing about that whole scenario.. that fact that I was so engulfed in US Weekly’s last tale of Kardashian drama that I didn’t know how long I was standing there… or that she would drive all the way home to get some grocery bags while there people standing in line waiting for her to come back..
The fact that I don’t know which is the worst out of those two.. is something else I might need to talk to my therapist about ..

Parmesan-Peppercorn Biscuits

You might need these:
Recipe adapted from Taste of the South Magazine

2 cups self-rising flour
3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon ground black peppercorn
6 tablespoons butter, cut into pieces
1 cup whipping cream

Heat oven to 400

In a medium bowl combine flour, cheese, and pepper. Cut in butter using a pastry blender until the mixture resembles course crumbles. Add whipping cream mixing until dry ingredients are moisten.

Roll dough onto lightly floured surface to about 1/2 inch thickness. Cut biscuits out using biscuit cutter and place onto a prepared baking dish. Brush each biscuit with whipping cream and sprinkle with parmesan if desired. 

Bake for 10- 12 minutes or until biscuits are golden brown. Serve Warm..

I call these dinner biscuits.. we ate them with some fresh pasta that an friend of mine made.. it was delicious.. Fresh pasta and biscuits. 


Banana Pudding Milkshake

My grandmother was a walking-talking hand book of the rules and regulations of proper etiquette.

Don’t slouch, elbows off the table, sit with your legs crossed….

As a child my life mission was to defy every single rule…

Many years ago, well before we all became digitally dependent upon location and status updates and actually interacted with one another face to face. My grandmother and I went to visit the new neighbors that just moved in down the street. As a child, the importance of getting to know people was often overshadowed by what I considered boring conversations. But it was imperative that Granny know everyone even if you didn't necessarily want her to know you. As an adult, I now see the importance of this but I also believe the proper visiting etiquette would be to call ahead to let them know you're coming.


This one particular time while visiting we stayed a for quite a while. Chatting (being 9 years old..I listened to chatting) and laughing… I thought to myself… Granny seems to really like this lady. They shared stories and talked about interesting happenings going on in town. When we got home, my Aunt Mabel stopped by to ask about the new family that moved to the area. My grandmother said they were  
“just ok, nothing to rave about” 

Huh? Granny you were laughing with the woman.. I asked what made her “just ok”?

“We were there for almost an hour and not once did she offer us anything to drink, which is rule #1!”

I realized that I have never offered y'all anything to drink on this here blog, clearly I am still acting like my childhood self by trying to test the limits to Granny's rules on proper etiqutte procredures…

so forgive me…

how about this…

Banana Pudding Milkshake

You might need these:

2 large bananas
1/4 cup whole milk (you can substitute if need be.. I also tried this using almond milk..tasty)
1 pint french vanilla ice cream, softened
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Using a blender, combine bananas,milk, ice cream, and vanilla until smooth.. stopping occasionally to scrape down the sides.

Divide between 2 glasses and garnish with whipping cream, a few Nilla Wafers and sprinkle with nutmeg.

This is my daughters favorite milkshake.. and since they don't take but a second to make, it is always a top request menu item in the southern girl's kitchen.