16 Bars Cocktail Series: Shine and Coke

Shine and Coke

Shine and Coke

Shine and Coke

“Blame it on the Goose got me feelin loose"
"Blame it on Patron got me in a zone”
                                                      -Jamie Foxx “Blame it on the alcohol”

This post is brought to you courtesy of the good folks at Spodee Wine
It’s also brought to you by a slightly tipsy Southern Soufflé because those bottles are all empty now..
This stuff is pure ambrosia in a bottle with its combination of country wine and moonshine.
My granddaddy had a shed in the back of his house. There he brewed the best “country wine “ in town, atleast according to him. I remember thinking how it was only fair that I taste this “wine”. So one day I stood in his shed and cracked open the grimy plastic jug of wine.
That should have been my first clue.
The first clue that after one sip of this stuff that was clear in some jugs and dark brown in others, that it was a very bad idea.
But I went for it anyway and with just a sip I knew that the inside of my body was under attack.. The world started spinning as I saw my life flash before me in technicolor. 
It wasn’t until later that I learned to appreciate the greatness of what my granddaddy referred to as “country wine” which was really moonshine.
When I received a bottle of Spodee Wine, I knew instantly it was something I could down with.
And get down I did, without paying heed to the “wine with a kick” slogan. 
Spodee’s smoothness and sweet flavor with hints of chocolate notes makes you forgot about the “kick” and the moonshine.
Until you feel the need to sit down somewhere because people are starting to look the same and you can’t remember where you put your purse.
Spodee has tons of recipes and ideas of how to get creative with this drink from sangria to chocolate cake.
I decided to keep things simple, with a cocktail that takes me back to my college days where we would drink boxed red wine mixed with coke and call ourselves fancy.
Now I’m fancy with Spodee and Coke with a twist of lime.

To learn more about Spodee and where you can get your hands on some, head over to their website. Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get updates.

Shine & Coke
Makes one cocktail


2 parts Spodee Wine
1 part Coca Cola (this is Atlanta- you can’t drink anything else)
Splash of fresh lime juice
Garnish with lime slices

Combine Spodee and Coke in a glass with ice. Splash with lime juice and garish with lime slices..

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Spodee Wine, but all the opinons are my own. In all honestly, I drank the hell outta that shit..

Oh and shout out to my husband for capturing the loveliness of my grandma hands… 

                                                                                          “Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol”

Shine and Coke


  1. Not only does this look super good, but your rings are what's up! <3

  2. I agree with Megan - I am staring at those rings! And is it too early for this on a Monday morning??

  3. I need one of those to recover from my weekend. I can never find my purse anyway so, I'm all over this!

  4. Have we talked about our obsession for Shine? Hubby and I drove to Tennessee to get Popcorn Sutton's brew for our wedding. We're THAT serious. I probably already told you. But what I didn't tell you is that I neeeeed this Spodee! Searching for it in my area...

  5. LOVE this. I have been wanting to try this forever, but for whatever reason you can only get it in New Jersey! Sounds like it might be worth the trip...

  6. Oh man, this just sounds dangerous. Which obviously means I need to try it!


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