A Heartfelt Thank You....

When I returned to work after my Granny's passing, I was greeted by warm smiles, words of encouragement and even a few hugs. There are just no words to describe the array of emotions that I felt from all the love that I received. Towards the end of the day, I was given a large manilla envelope that I opened once I got home. It contained cards and letters from my colleagues expressing their heartfelt condolences on my loss. There was a waterfall of tears that occurred as I read each letter and card, some of them belong to my daughter who read them with me..

She turned to me and said..
"That is so sweet, if only Granny was here to make one of her "Thank You" cakes."
Yes, Granny felt that Thank you cards were not always enough, so she often baked a cake that contained so much love, it felt like more then a Thank you..
Well, the next day I pulled down Granny's cookbook and decided on the perfect cake to express my heartfelt thanks to all those that sent me love. I put as much love as I could in to it and took it to work.

I wish there was also a way that I could send each of you a slice, my blog/recipe family. Your words of encouragement were amazing and I can't thank you enough. Maybe one day we can all meet, and I'll make you cake and give you each a big hug.
In the meantime, Thank you all for your kind words... Know that Granny is smiling at all of you fellow foodies and frowning whenever you forget to add buttermilk to your cakes. 
I just love this picture so much...

Sunshine and Sweet Tea....