A Peach Dish Collaboration

Happy Monday my good people.
Wait.. it is Monday right? I’ve been wrong before.. I hope I’m wrong now and it’s really Saturday and I’m really not at work.
Tell me..
Ok so it’s Monday and clearly there’s no changing that but I’ve got good news to share this Monday.
I’ve teamed up with the folks over at Peach Dish as part of their blogger collaboration.
I know I know.. What is Peach Dish.. Don’t worry that’s what I’m about to tell you.
But first take a walk with me….
Imagine you get home from work and your doorbell rings . At the door is a delivery.
In this box are all the ingredients you would need to cook two dinners for two people, along with the recipes on how to prepare each dish. 
And this said delivery would happen every week.
Can you imagine that.. A dinner genie or fairy, sounds like a Godsend right? 
Well put down those Fruit Loops, the Peach Dish Team has made this into a reality…
They’re shipping good, locally sourced food right to your door. Straight up..

And guess who created the recipe for this weeks box.
I’ll take "Yours Truly" for $500.. Alex.
That’s right me, I worked with two of the sweetest ladies to develop the recipes for this weeks Peach Dish box.
So basically I cooked for you.
I might even be in the box..
No no I’m not in the box, that would be too much shipping.
But I’m there in spirit and on the recipe cards…
Big Hugs and Love to Kenan and Alex over at the Peach Dish, these 2 ladies are rockstars and rap moguls in my book.. They were super nice and extremely helpful.
Head over to the Peach Dish site to learn even more about their system and to see what's in this weeks box... And of course sign up to join in on the adventure…
 You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the goodness they've got going on...

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…