Brown Rice Cereal Bars

Picture this... It's early... gotta get to to school..
But first get dressed
No first dress the kids
No first wake up
Then get coffee

Now commence with dressing the kids and yourself....
This is my life in the morning.
A brief snippet of the mayhem.
I've tried several different tactics to get my mess of a morning in somewhat order, only to fail repeatedly and have to start all over again

I know there is a better solution out there...

My co-worker always looks so beautifully put together at like 8am and has a similar family structure to mine. (1 husband, 2 kids) so logically I turned to her for help with tackling the A.M rush. Really, who wouldn't want to look red-carpet ready at the crack of dawn.

Me, I'm more of a get up and go person... In my opinion, I've perfected this look. 
So what if that shirt I always get compliments on is really the top to my favorite pajamas
You'd never know.. 
Well, now you do but it's ok
I'm not ashamed

Ok I got off track.. 
My co-worker recommended that I plan everything out the night before. Outfit-Check, Kids things-Check, Breakfast for the next morning-Check
My first attempt at this took place one Sunday evening.. of course to prepare for the toughest day of the week.. Monday
Notice I said "attempt".. see trying this on a Sunday was a bad idea to start with.. By the time I was ready to start my plans for a well thought out Monday..

It was time for the Walking Dead... 

Then after that I watched Doomsday Preppers.. you know, to be better prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. Have you watched that show?.. It's almost better than Duck Dynasty

By the end, any thought of morning preparations became a distant memory..

That is until the next morning when I was late for work.. 

I need a better plan, solution, scheme,layout (ooohh I'm just full of synonyms today.)

Got any suggestions..? Or do you have just as much trouble as me?

It's all good because I found a tasty solution for breakfast.. that can be made ahead of time and saved in an air tight container for up to 2 days.. which means 2 days of "what's for breakfast" solved.. Brown Rice Cereal Bars

Well, ok I'm lying because I prefer bacon, eggs, pancakes, maybe fried chicken for breakfast and these bars are more of a breakfast snack for me.. but they are grab-n-go, prefect for the morning rush and simple to make..

While watching The Walking Dead.. 

Click Here For Printable Recipe 

This recipe was inspired by one that I saw in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine