Cane Syrup Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Let's say it together...
Lawd have mercy!!
That is how I feel about what you see above. To find out more about the gloriousness that Cane Syrup and pulled pork creates, head over to Little Kitchie to read my first ever guest post.
Yes, someone has allowed me to bring my ridiculousness to their blog. Marie, who is as sweet as can be, asked me to cook something up while she is a away with her man in Paris.  So click this link here..and go check out my Texan home skillet over at the Little Kitchie to get your Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich on. As well as, read about how I obtained a huge stain on my favorite dress that won't go away. Despite what the label on the Oxyclean container says. Suggestions on BBQ sauce stain removal are welcomed..