Dear 2013, I'll Holla…

2013 was a damn good year.

One that included biscuits, drunken milkshakes and lots of Bourbon.

Went to Orlando and got to meet 2 lovely ladies.. Who also happen to be 2 of my favorites in this here blog world. Megan-Take A Megabite & Cindy-Hungry Girl Por Vida. Cheers to them and a future of impromptu road trips.

My other favorite Billy, I hope to meet in 2014… I just feel like we should know each other. (Billy-Wit &Vinegar)

Fell in love with this blog and her photos.. Maria- Pink Patisserie
and this one with her wit and kick ass blog design and of course the recipes.. Sarah- The Sugar Hit 

Did my first guest post and another. Which is saying something that they trusted my madness enough to share it on their sites. Marie- Little Kitchie and my ATL homegirl- Meghan Stir & Scribble

I could go on and on but that would take forever and I've got some cocktails to drink..I mean make.

So here's to 2014.. To more drinks with Bourbon, more butter with biscuits.
Wishing you all the best in the New Year!!

I'm gonna end this post with my favorite song of 2013!! "Errbody Get up"