White Chocolate Pretzel Candy Apples

This past weekend while shopping at an estate sale I found a vintage meat cleaver buried behind a bookshelf that had at least 100 pairs of shoes lined up perfectly.. Instantly draw by the allure of a pair of vintage pumps.. I discovered a box of the most interesting items you could possible find snuggled together… a well- worn meat cleaver..and atleast 40 vintage amber apothecary bottles all labeled “5lbs Calcium Phosphate” .. 

 I didn’t buy the bottles.. I started too.. because the thought of what the person who once owned these items could of possibly been up to was floating in the back of my mind for the remainder of that day.. and truly after I’m gone… it would be helpful for people to have validation that I was just as crazy as they thought me to be.. because really who would buy an old worn meat cleaver.. 

Well, I did… and I took it home and sat it outside my door. 

To scare away the trick or treaters.. 

no I’m joking

I put it there to scare away those friends that like to stop by without calling… so far it’s been ineffective.. but it goes well with this month’s theme..it’s October which means Halloween.. which is by far my favorite holiday.. not just for the candy but because I can dress my kids up in ridiculous outfits while using them to solicit candy to give to their mama… because who would say no to this… cue the awwwws

Now give him your candy…

As tradition stands.. after scouring the neighborhood begging for snickers and jolly rachers.. we head home and watch horror movie marathons and try calling unsuccessfully for Candyman … while drinking vodka and eating candy that we hope has not been laced with LSD… 

the adults I mean… 

not the kids.. for the kids we made 

White Chocolate Pretzel Candy Apples.. 

and you can too…. 

You might need these:
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2 Granny Smith Apples
2 Sticks (I used some twig like stick that I purchased from Michael's) 
8oz (2 bars) White Chocolate 
2 teaspoons of shortening 
1/2 crushed salted pretzels

Insert sticks into apples. In a large microwave safe bowl,combine chocolate and shortening. Microwave for 2 minutes, stopping every 30 seconds to stir. (May take longer depending on your microwave). Dip apples in chocolate mixture, then place on a tray lined with wax paper. (parchment will work too)
Allow to set for about 1 minute , then sprinkle each apples with crushed pretzels.
To get that drizzle on top I just took my spatula and dipped it into the leftover chocolate then let it drip on top of each apple. 

Have A Yummy Halloween!!!!